Traffic Jam is a Real Trouble

There are different challenges in every field whether it is pollution or traffic. When the number of vehicles increases it also causes trouble like traffic jams, air pollution, road accidents, etc. We face traffic every day while driving to my school in the morning, and while going to my grandparent’s house in the afternoon. My mother couldn’t master driving because of this issue.

When there is more than the required number of vehicles at a place waiting to move forward and get stuck due to some reason then this scenario is stated as a Traffic jam. It is one of the major issues in most countries. Even developed countries like America and China also face traffic locks for many hours. Sometimes these hours also change into days. Really it is horrible to be part of a traffic jam. I remember when my grandfather was very ill, and we were taking him to the hospital via ambulance. The road was literally closed! We were stuck for about 40 minutes. That day was horrible. My father started crying, and the staff was super stressed. It is a problem, but it can’t be solved easily. It needs many plans and efforts. It needs cooperation. I started to be aware of our countries problems once my teacher Feras told us about that. We have a book which is called “History of our country”, so he told us that our country was much better before 20 years. I think this is because of technology. We have to run to follow everything.

There are many ideas to control this issue, but at the end of the day, each individual is responsible for his actions and attitudes. Take care of yourself, follow all the instructions, and behave in a respectful way with people while driving.