You will not be able to be open-minded unless you see and deal with many people and come across different cultures. This will happen by booking your tickets and going straight to the airport. Traveling is the key to openness. This essay answers the question” Do you need to travel?”, and explains the benefits of traveling.

Firstly, your communication skills will become stronger. To elaborate, you are going to meet people who have different cultures than you, and the word culture involves traditions, food, values, and behaviours. All those elements will widen your horizons towards the world and the way you see it. Secondly, traveling is a good way for relaxing. You can simply take your family to a very calm place to enjoy nature. These vibes will refresh your mind, and give you the space to sit with yourself. In addition, some people travel for business purposes, they might hold a conference outside their country of residence, so this also will give them the opportunity to meet new people and to see new places. You can travel for the sake of completing your higher education such as your master degree or your PhD. This is another purpose of traveling because you will start discovering your new home since you will be staying at least for one year. Thirdly, traveling to another country is great way for creating investments. Look at the big projects in your country, you will notice that most of them are done by investors from other countries. One you stay in a country for more than a month, it is going to be part of you and part of your experiences.

To sum up, the essay emphasized the idea of travelling, and it showed the most common reasons behind travelling such as business purposes and educational purposes. Regardless the reason, go and give yourself the chance to see the other side of the river.